Welcome to Uplifting Capital

Where personalized impact meets private investment.

We believe that clients are demanding more and financial advisors deserve better in the impact investing experience. This is our ROI - Return on Impact.

The experience of impact investing must feel uplifting.

We are committed to unlocking a better experience that will increase the flow of resources to funds and companies solving the world’s most important problems. The Uplifting Capital journey enables investors to feel heard, to become empowered, and to be engaged in impact closely aligned with personal values.

We leverage the power of the financial advisor + client relationship, sparking more meaningful conversations and deeper connections at every step.

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Our People

Founder and CEO

Toussaint excels at aligning investments with purpose in support of collective efforts to uplift people, planet, and economy. He draws on deep experience as a leader in private wealth and a trailblazer in impact engagement.

His superpower: helping people invest in, and engage with, impact in a manner that leaves them feeling uplifted and results in meaningful progress.

Chief Investment Officer

Linda Assante is an experienced institutional private market investor having led teams as an investment banker, investment consultant and principal allocator over her 30 plus years in the financial services industry.

Her superpower: Constructing and managing institutional quality private market investment portfolios for “insti-viduals” (i.e., individual families and foundations that invest like institutions)

Director of Communications & Engagement

Tamerri is a multifaceted creator proficient at  making big ideas a reality and building deep engagement at scale.

Her superpower: creating synergy and alignment between people to foster community and connection.

Chief of Staff

Denise is a people person proficient at cultivating and deepening stakeholder relationships of all types. 

Her superpower: she loves to turn ideas into actions. 

Impact Advisor

Sara is a skillful impact analyst with experience developing strategies for sustainable local and global change across multiple sectors including education, human rights, and the  environment.

Her superpower: decoding impact data to make it understandable, meaningful, and actionable.