Community Development through Quality Education

Quality education is the foundation of community development[1]. Education is not just a childhood experience, innovations in workforce education is also enhancing opportunities to improve livelihoods.

New technologies are enhancing classroom learning and personalizing the education experience, as 99% of all K-12 school districts in the U.S. now have access to high-speed internet[2].  A more educated and flexible workforce brings benefits and can help to reduce inequalities[3].

The global market for E-Learning was estimated at $250 Billion in 2020. Projections are for the market to grow substantially over the next 5 – 10 years, with growth forecasts ranging from 10.3% to 17.5% CAGR. Demand for adult professional education in flexible, digital offerings is booming[4].

Impact investing opportunities in education can also be accessed in all stages of venture capital and private equity. Investment strategies often pursue development of software companies that deliver tech enabled models to personalize the education experience to the learner. Education investments can also be accessed in private credit, with lower risk investments providing loans and other forms of funding for education initiatives all around the world.

Investing in personalized education for all ages is core to the Uplifting Capital fund investment strategies. Equity and debt investments in education play a core role in the construction of our investment portfolios.







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