More Than A Month

We are more connected and somehow more siloed than any time in history. Social media has made us less social. On demand news has left us less informed. We can opt to float through life in our algorithm-fortified bubbles, never really opening ourselves up to anything that meaningfully challenges our perspectives. This is available. It’s comfortable. But is it living?

Micro acts of courage—that’s where the richness hides. Knowingly stepping 1% outside of our comfort zones in the direction of progress. Recognizing that vulnerability and courage are two sides of the same coin. Elevating the desire to grow above the pride of having the answers. Fighting through those butterflies you get when willingly walking into an environment as a humble observer—that’s living.

Black History Month is an opportunity. The origins date back to 1915 when historian Carter G. Woodson helped organize a national celebration in honor of the 50th anniversary of emancipation. In 1976 President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month for the first time, urging Americans to “seize the opportunity to honor the too often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

We cannot heal our division as a country if we maintain the fiction that life does not exist outside our bubbles. In reality, life only exists outside our bubbles. We invite you to experience some of the beauty that is Black culture. Read about Black joylisten to Black brilliance, or, if you’re ready to step 2% outside your comfort zone, learn about Black experience. Don’t feel pressed to get it all in over the next few weeks though. Fortunately, Black history is more than a month. 


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