Quietly Bothered

What Does it Mean to be Quietly Bothered?

Human beings are comfort seeking creatures. We are constantly trying to find ways to feel comfortable and safe. But what makes us feel comfortable does not always make us safe. We may avoid discomfort by disengaging from difficult societal challenges like homelessness, climate change, the political divide, racial tensions, gender disparities, and so much more. However, running from discomfort doesn’t make us safer.

The thought of meeting these challenges just feels overwhelming. Often, those who were born into privilege do not know what to do with it. Guilt, shame, and denial all come into play when discussing the foundation of our country. Lack of exposure to different cultures, living in our social media echo chambers, and the fear of the unknown makes it hard to engage. Instead, avoidance becomes a mechanism to cope with the grief we feel about the state of our world. We were not wired to carry so much heartache, pain, and hopelessness.

If we are honest with ourselves though, we know we can’t outrun the discomfort. We are still deeply bothered. We just walk around quietly bothered by the issues we attempt to disengage from. Uplifting Capital was founded on the belief that the quietly bothered can change the world…if only they choose to consistently get 1% better…if they move 1% further outside of their comfort zones.

Will our country be healed of racism in the next year? Probably not. Will we reverse the effects of climate change by next Spring? Probably not. But are we helpless? Definitely not. If we don’t change, nothing will change. We invite you, the quietly bothered, to make a little more noise. Lean into that discomfort a bit. Find your micro-acts of courage that leverage your superpowers, your wealth, your privilege, and your influence. Experience the deep fulfillment of the journey from being quietly bothered to becoming an uplifter.

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