10 Billion Need Food. How We Get There

A growing body of evidence shows that large changes to food production and consumption are needed to feed 10 billion people by 2050[1] while halting and reversing ecosystem and biodiversity loss, safeguarding freshwater and soils, and keeping global warming below 1.5°C [2].

Sustainable food systems aim to produce more food on less land while improving soil quality, minimizing the use of chemicals, treating waste effectively, and maintaining wildlife habitat. Consumption shifts (reducing food loss and waste, shifting to more sustainable diets) and changes to food production (halting deforestation, improving soil and water management, and new technologies to enhance food and nutrition security) are necessary to profoundly change the trajectory.

The effort to establish a greater sustainability in our food systems spans both private equity and real assets. A world full of opportunity exists to modernize farmland and farming practices by converting to regenerative agricultural practices. Meaningful increases in protein production from sustainable non-animal sources is required to meet growing demand from global consumers. New entrants to the food and food service business can unlock new distribution models targeting sustainable ingredients and blending culture with technology.

Uplifting Capital maintains a consistent search for innovative sustainable food systems investment strategies that are positioned to help create the food system of the future.





[1] World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future, World Resources Institute. wri.org/research/creating-sustainable-food-future

[2] Global food system emissions could preclude achieving the 1.5° and 2°C climate change targets, American Association for the Advancement of Science. doi.org/10.1126/science.aba7357.

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